about us

About us

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Our mission is to improve the lives of young people through education. We work to further the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

Members of our research forum are part of a unique community of teachers advising OUP and keeping us up-to-date with key issues, trends and developments in global education. This is a chance for your voice to be heard, to help shape our future publishing and services. We are excited to hear what you have to say!



Your opinion matters. That's why we listen to what you have to say and reward you for your time! Oxford's Educational Research Forum is all about sharing with others – your insights, thoughts, and ideas.

Build up points by taking part in the activities and online surveys. Throughout the year you will be invited to get involved in different types of research activities. These activities are all voluntary and if you participate, you'll receive a pre-agreed number of points as a reward for taking part.

The points you earn may be redeemed for a choice of OUP resources or a range of other gift vouchers.